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Irrigate with a Wind-Powered Water Pump in Agriculture

A wind pump is a windmill that pumps water from various water sources, including wells. The pumped water is typically used to provide clean drinking water, irrigate agricultural fields, or hydrate and feed animals. Wind energy, 

  •  It helps reduce dependency on external sources of energy.
  •  It is a clean source of energy and has minimal to no environmental impact.
  •  It has no fuel consumption and does not pollute the air.
  •  Fossil fuel power plants do not show the pollution caused during electricity generation.

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We harness the power of wind and combine it with water.

Industry Pioneer

Soyut WindMill manufactures wind turbines, including the blades, towers, nacelles (the machine housing), and control systems, at its factory located in Ankara-Temelli, which spans 15,000 square meters of indoor space and 120,000 square meters of outdoor space.  

We prioritize Quality

Soyut WindMill is the only Turkish company that holds the ISO 9001 certification within the framework of quality management and has the CE certification for its products. 

We Offer Quick Solutions

Soyut WindMill is capable of manufacturing wind turbines in a short period of time, typically within 15 days.


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